About Us

We aim to empower musicians and creators by offering an easier, more attractive way to utilize the link within their social media bios. SET.Page makes the creator’s digital presence more efficient, more accessible, and easier to manage. Our integrations and seamless functionality provide creators from any space the tools they need to grow their careers.

How it Started

It all began in early 2021 when founder Adam Pickney recognized the limitations of standard link hosting sites for content creators looking to showcase their brands and maximize their digital footprint. Drawing on his experiences in both technology and music, Adam set out to create a better option.

After a month of research and development with close industry associates, he began his search for business partners. Adam’s quest for a strong partnership led him to Zachary Beck (aka Futuristic), a successful rapper and businessman, and Jakob Owens, a renowned video director and entrepreneur. Both recognized the potential to streamline monetization methods they had successfully implemented in their own careers, and together they embraced the vision of Artist Pages.

Thus, Artist Pages was born – a comprehensive and attractive way for creators to consolidate all of their pages and apps into one page.


Exciting changes came our way when Music Audience Exchange (MAX), the music technology company powering artist x brand sponsorships, acquired Artist Pages. This was a natural fit, as both entities shared an artist-centric mission – empowering musicians and creators to grow their careers.

How It’s Going (aka the transition to SET.Page)

After the acquisition, we got to work on a full rebrand/rebuild. We changed our name, moved our domain, and unveiled the new and improved SET.Page (formerly AMAP.to). Behind the scenes, we’ve been diligently working on the backend, empowering us to swiftly develop and launch new features.

Just like we always have been, SET.Page is committed to empowering musicians and creators–and with MAX’s support, we are poised to make even greater strides and become an essential tool for artists worldwide.

This transformative rebrand marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our journey. We are grateful to all of our users for being part of our story and look forward to continuing to serve you with passion and innovation.

The future of SET.Page is bright–and we look forward to finding new ways to support you in all aspects of your artistic journey.

Our Journey So far....

May 2021 - Founded.

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Jan 2022 - Opened Public Beta.

Opened up early access to the public amassing over 2,500 users in the first month.

Oct 2022 - Aquired by Music Audience Exchance.

Opened up early access to the public amassing over 2,500 users in the first month.

Oct 2021 - Invite Only Access.

Opened invite only early access gaining use from Our Last Night, Punk Rock Factory, Futuristic and 500+ other users.

June 2022 - Launch Plans and Full Access.

With over 4,000 beta users we launched our plans and memberships to the public.

July 2023 - Re-Brand to SET.Page.

With over 4,000 beta users we launched our plans and memberships to the public.

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