How To Add Videos To Your Page

How To Add Videos to Your Link In Bio Promoting video content has become one of the most general usages for standard link hosting sites. It’s no secret that in this digital age, video content is king. The ability to place your video content on your link in bio page will not only get viewers […]

How To Change Your Theme

How To Change Your Theme SET.Page offers a variety of themes, each of which has been customized to fit the unique needs of different creator types. Think of your theme as the overall look and feel of your page. Themes help to make pages visually appealing and stylish. Some sections in the page builder apply […]

How To Create Your First Page

How To Create Your First Page When you create an account, your first page is already there for you to start customizing! View Your Pages Upon first login, you will be taken to your dashboard home page. From your dashboard, click “My Pages” in the menu to get started adding content to your main page. […]