Youtube Video Embeds
With our YouTube sharing tool, you can create custom video galleries to display your videos. Add a single video or build a custom gallery of your favorites.
Get More Video Views.

Keep fans on your #linkinbio page, boosting those video views and sparking direct interaction with your content. No need to redirect them to YouTube–keep fans captivated and engaging exclusively with your content!

Create A Video Gallery.
Gone are the days of having to pick and choose videos to promote in your link in bio page. With Artist Pages, you can showcase your entire portfolio right on the main screen. Whether you are an artist releasing music videos, or a videographer creating them, Artist Pages is the easiest way to promote an entire video gallery without the hassle of redirection.

Gallery Options:

  • Grid View: Display your videos in a 2 column grid format. This is a great option to display all of your videos with equal prominence.
  • Masonry Grid: Similar to grid view, but with varying dimensions. This is great for highlighting specific videos over others. Eye popping and attention grabbing.
  • Card Swiper: Videos will display as square cards allowing the users to swipe from one to the next. This is a great option if you have a lot of different types or styles of videos you are displaying on a single page.
  • Carousel: Your videos will display in a 3D carousel. This is a more visually stimulating method to showcase your videos in a 3D gallery that can also be swiped.


Follow these steps to set up your video gallery.

  1. Open your Page builder
  2. Click to add a new section and select the Video Gallery module
  3. On the flyout you will see 2 different tabs
  4. Content – Is where you will add your content and videos
  5. Appearance – Is where you will select your gallery option
  6. Fill out the fields on the content tab
  7. Title: The title will display on the video gallery
  8. Video Link: Add your youtube video link here
  9. Thumbnail: Upload an image thumbnail
  10. Description: Add a description telling your users about the video
  11. Credits: If you want to credit anyone else on your video you can add them here.
  12. You can add as many videos to your gallery as you would like and reorder them accordingly
  13. Click update and then save your page



Add a Single Video To Your Page.

Add a video right to your link in bio page for users to be able to watch your most important video without needing a link anywhere. Whether you are an artist looking to showcase your most recent music video or you are a professional looking to put your reel right in front of your viewers, add a video to your link in bio pages using the Artist Pages builder.

  1. Follow these steps to set up your video.
  2. Open your Page builder
  3. Click to add a new section and select the Video module
  4. Add your youtube link in the field
  5. Click update and then save your page


We’re always happy to help with anything you might need to make your experience in the Artist Pages platform as easy as possible. Contact Us Today to speak with a support team member directly.

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