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MAX Acquires MAPs – the Self Service Micro Website for Artists

We know we’ve been quiet lately, but we have some exciting news to share.

MAPs has been acquired by Music Audience Exchange (MAX), the music technology company powering artist x brand sponsorships! We’re thrilled to join forces with MAX to bring even more resources and features to our platform.

So, what does this mean for you, our users?

Well, first of all, our goal has always been to help artists grow their careers and that will never change. Just like MAPs, MAX has an artist-centric mission and we’re excited to have the additional support (and resources) that come along with the acquisition.

Speaking of support and resources, here’s how MAPs users will benefit from those:

  • Even more MAPS features: More resources means we’ll be able to develop even more new features, tools, and integrations to help you grow your career (and, of course, we’ll keep listening to our users so that we’re creating things that you really want and need).
  • More support & user resources: We’ve actually already been working so hard on creating new features that we haven’t even had time to tell you about all of them! With help from the MAX team, we’ll be pumping out tutorials for our cool new features, artist marketing tips from industry experts, and tons of other guides and resources to help you in all aspects of your career.
  • Access to SET tools: As part of MAX, MAPs users get free access to the awesome artist tools that MAX creates. The SET suite of tools help you engage with your fans, build your fan marketing database, and can even help you create unique, sponsorable assets for brands. (more info on this to come, but if you’re ready to jump in now, MAPs users can sign up here to get your free custom page and demo the latest tool designed for touring artists, SET.Live)
  • Probably a ton of other stuff: Honestly, there will probably be even more benefits we’ll be able to provide for our users that we haven’t even thought of yet–we’ll keep you posted on all of the great things we’re working on!


The big takeaway here is that we’re still committed to empowering musicians and creators by offering an easier, more attractive way to utilize the link within their social media bios, only now we have a lot more resources to support that mission.

We’re incredibly grateful to all of our users and we’re excited to see what the future holds for MAPs–and for all of you!

For more information, please visit or


We’re always happy to help with anything you might need to make your experience in the Artist Pages platform as easy as possible. Contact Us Today to speak with a support team member directly.

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