User Showcase: Futuristic

Rapper, entrepreneur, husband, and father Futuristic is known for his introspective lyrics, rapid-fire delivery, and energetic live shows. With a string of successful albums and collaborations, he’s gained a loyal fan base and critical acclaim in the hip-hop community . . . and he just happens to be one of our co-founders (ok, so maybe we’re playing favorites a little bit with this one).

Futuristic is definitely a pro when it comes to setting up his SET Page – and because we’ve made it so easy to do, you can totally nail yours too!


What we love:

The ✨ a e s t h e t i c ✨

Between his theme choice (he’s using Rabun, found in our theme library), image selection, and use of color, Futuristic has captured his whole vibe. And if he decides he’s feeling a new energy and wants to change it up? There’s a whole library of themes to choose from to match whatever he’s feeling.

Attention grabbing CTA

Futuristic drives fans to his Patreon page with an animated call-to-action button, front and center of his page. It’s simple. It’s eye-catching. It works.

Embedded music video

Futuristic keeps fans on his page (and increases the likelihood that his fans will watch his video) by including an embedded music video on his profile instead of linking out to a video hosting site.

How you can use Futuristic’s pro-moves:

Customize your page to reflect your style

We’ve collaborated with industry professionals across the spectrum to create a library of themes with stylish, customized features for all types of creators–and our live visual page builder makes it easy to create an eye-popping, dynamic page. Regardless of what your passion is, showcase your brand, art, music, and other content in a way that reflects your unique style and vision.

Promote what’s important to you

Decide what your number one priority is and create a CTA that makes it easy for your fans to support you. A clear, direct call to action increases conversions, so decide what that means to you (ticket sales, album downloads, Patreon subscriptions–whatever your goal is) and showcase your passion project.

Keep fans on your page with video

Put video content directly on your SET page to get viewers there and keep them there. No extra steps necessary – fans can play your video with no need for extra steps or redirections.

Want to share even more video content? Upgrade to Pro for full access to all of our video galleries options and make it even easier for your fans to watch your videos without any friction.


We’re always happy to help with anything you might need to make your experience in the Artist Pages platform as easy as possible. Contact Us Today to speak with a support team member directly.

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